Feeling Foxy: Mammals And Music in 2014

If you’re wondering what the fox says, that would be a question for Ylvis to take, and probably one that they’re exhausted of answering. However, if you’re wondering what the fox(x) sings, then I just might have not one, but three answers for you. All out in the next few weeks in the United Kingdom, they’re bound to pop on your playlist and climb up the charts from coast to coast:

A Ray of light.

A Ray of light.

RAY FOXX featuring J. WARNER – “Fireworks (Bang Bang)”
Release Date: January 5

This producer based in London recently celebrated his 28th birthday, and what better way to top it off than with his latest single release for Strictly Rhythm Records. Foxx has charted twice before on the British charts: in 2011, debut single “La Musica (The Trumpeter)” (featuring Lovelle) spent a week at #65 before falling out of the top 75, but a few months back, a single featuring vocalist Rachel K. Collier, “Boom Boom (Heartbeat)”, debuted at #12 and spent a few weeks in the top 40. That’s a pretty significant change in two years, and given the small amount of releases this time of year, the producer and collaborator Warner could be aiming for another big hit. At least this will get you up on the floor.

Pint-sized pop machine.

He’s a pint-sized pop machine.

ELYAR FOX – “Do It All Over Again”
Release Date: January 12

He’s not even released his debut single, but this 18-year-old single has amassed over 450,000 followers between his Facebook and Twitter combined. It’s no wonder as the London-based performer is penned to be the next big teen act, with early and significant support from Capital FM, one of the United Kingdom’s most influential radio stations. After gaining a following on YouTube, Fox signed with Polydor Records last year, then left to record for RCA Records this year and looks to be one of their first hits of 2014. Given his large base, a top 5 debut wouldn’t surprise me, but whether or not his momentum will last is yet to be determined. Still, the electro-pop track is a decent start to his budding career.

A chick with Clarity.

A chick with Clarity.

FOXES – “Let Go For Tonight”
Release Date: February 23

You best know her as the vocalist on DJ Zedd‘s massive hit, “Clarity”, a top ten single on the Hot 100, but now the 24-year-old singer born in Southhampton is preparing for her first solo album, Glorious, due on March 3. “Let” is the followup to “Youth”, another track from the forthcoming set, which just missed the top ten in the U.K. last year. Initially released as a stand-alone track in 2012, as heard in the link above, the song’s been rerecorded for the full-length set, though the single version is not available yet despite some updated remixes floating around. The original is pretty beautiful and understated, so I hope the revamped cut is just as great and gives her another shot at U.S. chart success.

Which Fox or Foxx do you think will scurry up the survey? Elyar Fox, Foxes or Ray Foxx? Let me know! Comment below or click the “Get Social!” tab to find PGTC on social media.

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