Adam’s Top 100 of 2013: #9, Phillip Phillips – “Gone, Gone, Gone”

Going, going, "Gone".

Going, going, “Gone”.

First Chart Entry: “Home” (#29, 2002)
Biggest Hit To Date: “Gone, Gone, Gone” (#2 for two weeks, 2013)

#2 for two weeks, 25 weeks in the top 40

Music Video:

“Like a drum, baby, don’t stop beating.” Way to be percussively persuasive right there, Phillip Phillips. The former American Idol winner rose up the charts again with the followup single to “Home”, another decent-sized success.

Lifted from his late 2012 release, The World From The Side Of The Moon, “Gone, Gone, Gone” was co-written by Todd Clark, Derek Fuhrmann and producer Gregg Wattenberg. (Wattenberg’s name has appeared a few times on this list so far.) I first wrote about the song in a rather punny review on December 10 of last year, long before it was pushed to Hot AC radio. It’s a solid pop/rock tune about being there for someone even when they’re out of your life. Amazingly enough, “Gone” managed to sneak past two #2 songs that each spent five weeks a piece in the runner-up slot, which seems sort of unusual. However, Phillips’s steadier run as opposed to a fast rise/fast fall situation balanced out his numbers and led him into the top ten this year.

His success has been limited to North America even though he’s charted elsewhere, but perhaps a bigger international push may be something to look into during the era for his second album. After a college tour this past fall, I’m sure he’ll be back in the studio in early 2014 laying down some new tracks. Whether he experiences the sophomore slump or survives through that crucial followup release, that’s yet to be determined.

Congrats Phillip on your biggest chart hit yet for me! American Idol may not have the same appeal it once did, but at least the show got a good winner out of it.

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