Adam’s Top 100 of 2013: 20-11

They're here...

Packing on the pop hits.

Single bells, single bells, singles all the way! Oh, what fun is to rank all my favorites from the past 365 days. You’ve seen the songs from 100-21 so far, and now, the numbers keep on getting smaller as we take a ride into the top 20. It’s the cream of the pop as we head towards the top. All the big songs are here, but we’ve got a “Ways To Go” before we stumble upon that #1 position. Get ready to “Cruise” until the countdown is “Gone, Gone, Gone”, but don’t get “Carried Away” now: there are plenty of awesome tunes in this section that just missed going a little bit higher, So, let’s go!

Peak positions listed are as of the last chart included in the year dated November 24, 2013. Those marked with a plus had not yet reached their highest position as of that date. Ties in points were broken based on peak, number of weeks at peak and number of weeks in the top 40.

We start off this section with the performer who has my favorite album of the year, Where Does This Door Go? Turn the key and we find…

Is he your "Favorite"?

020. Mayer Hawthorne – “Her Favorite Song” (#2)
Writers: Andrew Cohen, Warren “Oak” Felder / Producers: Cohen, Felder, Steve “Ace” Mostyn

2013 was the year that this Detroit singer (bow wow) wowed me with his music; “Her” quickly climbed to a peak of #2, spending three weeks there. It features background vocals from Jessie Ware, who charted with “Wildest Moments” (#19).

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**Second of two songs in the top 100

This chart has taken control of them.

019. Maroon 5 – “Daylight” (#3)
Writers: Adam Levine, Mason Levy, Max Martin and Sam Martin / Producers: Levine, Martin and MdL

This is the highest showing for the California band this year, who once had my #1 song of the year back in 2004 with a nine-week #1, “This Love”. “Daylight” climbed as high as #3, their second-biggest single this era behind another #1, “Payphone”.

**Second of two songs in the top 100

Passion Pit

018. Passion Pit – “Carried Away” (#4)
Writer: Michael Angelakos / Producer: Angelakos, Chris Zane

The former quintet and now quartet originally from Cambridge, MA scored their biggest hit to date on my chart with this bouncy number, reaching #4 for two frames. That’s far better than previous single “Take A Walk”, which only went to #26.

It suits him well.

017. Justin Timberlake – “Suit & Tie” (#2)
Writers/Producers: Writers: James Fauntleroy, Jerome “J-Roc” Harmon, Timothy “Timbaland” Mosley, Justin Timberlake, Sly, Slick and Wicked (Charles Still, Terrence Stubbs, Johnny Wilson) for sample of “Sho’Nuff” / Producers: Harmon, Mosley, Timberlake

Dressing fashionably fierce for his return to the music scene, Timberlake not only looked the part but sounded it too. “Suit & Tie” took a soulful strut up the survey to #2 for two weeks and tumbled just as quickly as it rose. Go ‘head, be gone with it.

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**Second of three songs in the top 100

Ready, set, "Go".

016. Grouplove – “Ways To Go” (#5)
Writers: Grouplove (Sean Gadd, Hannah Hooper, Ryan Rabin, Andrew Wessen and Christian Zucconi) / Producer: Rabin

There was no other way to go but up for this quintet’s second hit, which peaked at #5 and stayed in the top 40 for nearly half a year. It’s the biggest single in the top 20 to not break the top 3. Followup release “Shark Attack” is currently climbing.

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A girl in "Trouble" is a temporary thing.

015. Taylor Swift – “I Knew You Were Trouble.” (#3)
Writers: Max Martin, Shellback, Taylor Swift / Producers: Max Martin, Shellback

From the two step to dubstep, the once Country singer ditched her roots for a mainstream pop sound on this track, which did big numbers at radio and on the sales charts. Of the four singles to rank from Red, this one remains the most successful.

**Third of three songs in the top 100

He drives himself... crazy.

014. Justin Timberlake – “Mirrors” (#2)
Writers/Producers: Writers: James Fauntleroy, Jerome “J-Roc” Harmon, Timothy “Timbaland” Mosley, Justin Timberlake / Producers: Harmon, Mosley, Timberlake

Written about the relationship with his wife, Jessica Biel, along with his grandparents, Timberlake’s tender ode to love spent three weeks at #2 on my top 40 this year. Beyond the looking glass, there’s a successful tour continuing for him into 2014.

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**Third of three songs in the top 100

Hold the Line. (Crossovers aren't always on time.)

013. Florida-Georgia Line featuring Nelly – “Cruise” (#3)
Writers: Cornell Haynes, Jr., Tyler Hubbard, Brian Kelley, Joey Moi, Chase Rice, Jesse Rice / Producers: Moi, Jason Nevins

Once upon a time, this was just a #1 smash on the Country chart. Then, it took on a second run when remixed with rapper Nelly, becoming a huge crossover success. It was for sure a polarizing single, but I was definitely coming along for the ride.

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A "League" of their own.

012. Fitz & The Tantrums – “Out Of My League” (#2)
Writer: Noelle Scaggs / Producers: Michael Fitzpatrick, Tony Hoffer

The sextet based in Los Angeles started their chart career off right with a #1 for a week for debut single “MoneyGrabber” in 2011. “Out” spent five straight weeks at #2; it was a real heartbreaker. New single “The Walker” may go top ten very soon.

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Daft Punk and Pharrell Williams

011. Daft Punk featuring Pharrell Williams – “Get Lucky” (#2)
Writer: Daft Punk (Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo), Nile Rodgers, Pharrell Williams/Producers: Daft Punk

This collaboration didn’t exactly do as its title suggests, and like “Out” at #12, it stalled out in the runner-up spot for five weeks after a quick rise. Still, it was one of the great records that helped relaunch Williams’s career, now stronger than ever.

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**Second of two songs in the top 100 (both acts)

Are you ready for this year’s top ten? I know I am. Prepare yourself for the madness starting tomorrow and let me know what you’re liking so far below!


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