Off The Satellites: Some Siriusly Good New Tunes

In a world of corporate playlists and tight rotations, traditional radio can sure get old fast. That’s where these guys come in with some original sounds that you’ve likely not heard of yet. Today, I’m highlighting two songs I’ve been hearing a lot recently from the airwaves of SiriusXM, one from Hot AC station The Pulse and the other from CHR station 20 on 20. Even if they don’t make it on the FM dial, somebody saw a chance for them and now they’re beaming down into my car stereo. Take a listen and see what you think:

Some musical mileage.

Some musical mileage.

Label: Mr. 305  / Added on: The Pulse (Channel 15)

Some parts of the world know who this performer is, a former finalist on Česko Slovenská SuperStar, a music talent show that’s been around for three seasons since 2010. She didn’t place highly in the competition, appearing on the second season, but her career took off shortly afterwards. At just 18 years old, five of her singles have reached the national charts overseas. Just last year, “Run” went as high as #2 in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, her biggest hit by far from her debut era, Don’t Look Back. Her second album, Where I Belong, is a recent release that hasn’t charted yet. Now, Buckingham looks to take on the U.S. through rapper Pitbull‘s Mr. 305 label (as distributed by Sony Music), with a recent add on The Pulse into their new music rotation and some initial interest in both small and large markets as well as Radio Disney. It’s a jazz-driven pop song with some nice flavor and tempo and stands out on the air in a good way. With a solid social fan base, especially on Facebook, and the backing from a big name, we could see some decent play for the single into the new year.

Purchase “Run Run Run” on iTunes.

Domo arigato, lovestruck roboto.

Domo arigato, lovestruck roboto.

Label: DBM / Added on: 20 on 20 (Channel 3)

The quintet based out of Orlando, FL consisting of Anthony Reed, Jace Magee, Jeremy James, Jonathan Parks and Zsaki Turner have been together for roughly five years now, largely playing within the local area. Two years ago, they released an album called I Wanna Be In A Band on their home of DBM Records and a single from it, “Do It All For The Dream”, received regular airplay on 20 on 20 last year beginning in May. (It didn’t receive any adds outside of the satellite radio bubble.) Now comes their newest single, originally released to iTunes in July with a music video up for about three months now. With a rocking groove reminiscent of Franz Ferdinand‘s 2004 hit, “Take Me Out” mixed with some rhythmic elements and a fun and enthusiastic vocal from lead singer Magee, the song’s pretty instant and has a great vibe. Views on the video are over 11,000 at this time, their largest audience for a clip to date, and it keeps on growing. “Random” was recently boosted into high rotation on the channel, receiving about 70 spins a week, so you’re bound to hear it pretty soon.

Purchase “Random Hi5’s” on iTunes.

Other satellite-only spinners that I’d recommend:
AJR“I’m Ready” (Hits 1 + 20 on 20)
Bean“Cops And Robbers (Chicka Bang)” (20 on 20)
Caitlin Crosby“Just Another Day” (The Pulse)
Darling Parade“Ghost” (20 on 20)

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