ADAM’S TOP 40 FLASHBACK: November 26, 2000

It wasn't them... or was it?

It wasn’t them… or was it?

Welcome back for another edition of Adam’s Top 40 Flashback! Every Saturday, the day before my new top 40 goes up for the week, I’ll be featuring a past countdown straight from chart files of Adam’s Top 40. They’re all here — the hit songs, the songs that flopped, and the songs that may be a little embarrassing to reflect on. We’re going way back to fifth grade for this countdown, and yes, I really shouldn’t have been listening to some of these songs at age ten. Here’s a look at my top 40 from November 26, 2000:

40. PINK, “You Make Me Sick”
39. CHRISTINA AGUILERA, “Christmas Time”
36. MYA, “Free”

Biggest Mover(s):
JENNIFER LOPEZ, “Love Don’t Cost A Thing” (34-20) (14 spots)

10. USHER, “Pop Ya Collar”
It’s the song that sprung a leak and Napster was the culprit. After its surprise release via the service, “Collar” was serviced to U.S. radio in October and was off to a decent start, but was pulled in late November after parent album All About U was shelved and mixed reaction about his new pop sound. A 2001 release in several European countries, like Belgium and the U.K., landed him another top five hit.

09. NINE DAYS, “If I Am”
Best known for their big hit from earlier that year, “Absolutely (Story Of A Girl)”, this was the followup to it and charted on a few radio formats in the lower regions. Their album, The Madding Crowd, was certified Platinum. After a shelved second album with 550 Music (which was eventually released digitally), the band’s recorded on and off together independently, last putting out an EP earlier this year.

08. SPICE GIRLS, “Holler”
Released over two years after the departure of Geri Halliwell, album Forever marked the first and only full-length album that the girls released as a quartet. It went top 40 in the U.S., but was never certified. The single only received minor airplay here and missed the Hot 100. However, it was released in a double a-side single with “Let Love Find A Way” in their native U.K., marking their final #1 hit.

07. VITAMIN C, “The Itch”
The girl behind “Smile” and “Graduation (Friends Forever)” was scratching up the chart again. It was her last top ten on here, which was followed by “As Long As You’re Loving Me”, a minor hit. Album More was delayed until January and tanked given the post-Q4 market and singles underperforming. The singer now goes by her birth name, Colleen Fitzpatrick, today the VP of Music at Nickelodeon.

06. NELLY FURTADO, “I’m Like A Bird”
As you can tell, I was way early on this first single from the Canadian songstress. Furtado’s song debuted on the radio here in September and I was on it almost right away. Though it wouldn’t peak on the airplay charts until the summer of 2001, it was a massive hit across the globe, including a #1 peak in her native country. She’s had her ups and downs when it comes to sales and radio, but is still making music.

05. MIKAILA, “So In Love With Two”
The singer from Edmond, OK was just 13 when she entered my chart and the music industry on Island Records with her debut single. Followup “It’s All Up To You” was playlisted on a few stations with the release of her self-titled album in the spring of 2001, but both items tanked and the singer was dropped. She hasn’t charted since and ranks as one of the biggest one-hit wonders in my chart’s history.

04. RICKY MARTIN, “She Bangs”
With a crash, boom and a bang, the Latin heartthrob was topping the charts, including for four weeks on my own top 40. “Bangs” led Martin’s Sound Loaded album to debut at #4 on the Billboard 200. The song’s become a bit of a joke today, especially after an audition by American Idol contestant William Hung during the show’s third season in 2004, but the song is still good fun and a great throwback.

03. SHAGGY featuring RIKROK, “It Wasn’t Me”
Sometimes it’s wise to take the advice of a friend. This reggae song wasn’t intended to be a single, but after it was tested by a Hawaiian DJ, it became a smash, topping the Hot 100 for two weeks in February. This would be RikRok‘s only time ranking in my top 40; Shaggy would last chart in 2002 with the minor “Strength Of A Woman”, but continues to record original material that still charts overseas.

02. BRITNEY SPEARS, “Stronger”
Don’t you just remember her dancing with the chair in the music video? This self-empowerment anthem has been a favorite in her repertoire for some time now. It was the third consecutive top two hit from the Oops!… I Did It Again era on my chart and the last; “Don’t Let Me Be The Last To Know”, the followup, would stall out just below the top ten. Spears releases her latest album, Britney Jean, next week.

01. DESTINY’S CHILD, “Independent Women, Part One”
Throw your hands up at them! What a jam this song was. Featured on the soundtrack to Charlie’s Angels, starring Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu, “Women” was one of the biggest hits of the group’s career, topping the Hot 100 for eleven weeks in 2000-2001, and would be followed by the Survivor era, which also stormed the charts in 2001. The trio last made my chart in 2004 with “Lose My Breath”. They most recently reunited for a one-off performance at Beyoncé‘s Super Bowl halftime show early last year.

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