Too Cool For Ghoul: A Happening Halloween Playlist

Pumpin' up the pumpkins.

Pumpin’ up the pumpkins.

Alright, all you twerk or treaters, gather ’round because it’s time to crank up the jukebox for this year’s Halloween festivities. Of course, there will be the all-time classics: “The Monster Mash”, “Thriller”, “Werewolves Of London”, etc. Those are just dandy, but how about some more current songs to add into the mix? After all, we’ve got to flavor this playlist sweeter than a bag of candy corn. These ten songs will definitely set the mood for the party, whether big or small. So, if you’re up for some ghoulish grabs from the top of today’s pops, listen to these spooky sounds that the scarecrows and skeletons approve of this eve:

BASTILLE – “Of The Night”
This dark, moody single from All This Bad Blood haunts with strange vocal effects and an eerie set of bells. Released in the U.K. in three weeks, the video (see above) fits the theme perfectly: a series of crime scene investigations and singing corpses. Lovely.

BONNIE MCKEE – “Sleepwalker”
This “inbetwingle” (so says McKee) between her single “American Girl” and whatever her next release is an edgy dance piece created for the zealous zombies of the night: “You wake me up/I was just a sleepwalker/Bring me back to the land of the living.”

EMINEM featuring RIHANNA – “The Monster”
Just released earlier this week, the latest from the dynamic “Love The Way You Lie” duo has a big hook from the Barbadian singer and deals lyrically with the fear and paranoia of the unknown that lies beneath. It’s not very dark, but it’s still powerful.

First a hit on Alternative radio, this single from the quartet is now all over the popular airwaves, a song that comes from a dark place and flourishes with that pounding beat. Their trademark sound on this and “Radioactive” is tailor made for the holiday.

One of the highlights of The 20/20 Experience – 2 of 2, “Blood” takes its cues from “Thriller”, itself a thrilling track with a prominent guitar solo and freaky reversed violin lines. Timberlake attempting to do his best Vincent Price? I will pass on that.

KATY PERRY – “Ghost”
The ballad lifted from her recent #1 album, PRISM, is technically about an ex-lover breaking it off, but the Phantom Of The Popera still lives on and slows down the tempo a bit. While not the strongest song on the album, it won’t soon be disappearing.

KE$HA – “Supernatural”
She just premiered the second season of My Crazy Beautiful Life on MTV last night, and rumor has it there’s a video in the works for this song. This slick pop anthem is all about getting crazy and freaky; I do think she knows a thing or two about that.

MAYER HAWTHORNE – “The Innocent”
“You want it/She’s got it/The innocent are never seen again,” sings Hawthorne on this spooky jam about a mysterious lady about a girl who charms her suitors to the point of no return. Taken from Where Does This Door Go, the album track is hot one.

SIA featuring THE WEEKND and DIPLO – “Elastic Heart”
With a shrill but captivating vocal from both Sia and The Weeknd against a drum-heavy experimental backing, “Heart” has an intriguing and mysterious sensibility to it. Pretty soon, you’ll find it on the soundtrack to The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

THE KILLERS – “Shot At The Night”
Straight out of the Steve Winwood songbook of catchy 80’s pop ditties, this “Higher Love”-influenced track, produced by the French band M83, is spacey synthesizer heaven. The Direct Hits single is a solid inclusion on here for that groovy get-together.

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