Routed In Radio: Chart Bound Acts From The Constitution State

It’s just a drive away from where I’m located and it has its share of fun attractions and other activities. They call it the Nutmeg State, but you don’t have to go nutty over this post because these two bands from the state of Connecticut are spicing up the musical scene with their new music. If you’re a local, you may know their tunes already; if not, then you may just see them spotlighted on the national charts early next year. Connect into these new songs about to breakout at radio:

Bronze looking for the gold.

Bronze looking for the gold.

Label: DigSin / Adds Date: at Hot AC + AAA radio now

Just when we thought that folk would be fading out of mainstream music, this song might be a contender to keep the trend going. The quintet formed in 2007 by leader Chris Henderson at the Hartt School in West Hartford, CT, plucking the name from his childhood listening to country and jazz music at his father’s art studio. The other members of the band seemed to echo this enthusiasm and they began playing together. They’re now up to one EP and three full-length albums together, with their latest, Up, On & Over, issued this past June. That’s where this single originates from. “Further” has been receiving some considerable placement lately, from a FedEx commercial to an iTunes Radio promotional ad to, most recently, The CW’s Hart Of Dixie, with much opportunity still down the line. The song was promoted to AAA radio earlier this summer to little attention. However, it’s is now getting a second push through the digital record label DigSin at both that format and Hot AC, with rotation at stations in Hudson Valley, NY and Spokane, WA, as well as on SiriusXM’s The Pulse as of a few days ago. While the song is short, sweet and to the point, reminiscent of 90’s groups like Blues Traveler and The Badlees, it remains to be seen how much pull DigSin has when it comes to airplay. Still, there’ll be a familiarity from all the advertising up to this point, so we’ll see if they can start lifting it in the right direction. I sure hope it helps.

Traveling down the right Route.

Traveling down the right Route.

Label: Independent / Adds Date: October 21 (AAA)

From West Hartford, take I-84 down to Route 8 and in about an hour, you’ll find yourself in the southern part of the state in the town of Fairfield. That’s where Tim Warren and Eric Donnelly founded this group in 2002 at Fairfield University. After recording a couple of EPs , the band produced an album called Good And Reckless And True, released in 2005. A year later, they signed to Vanguard Records and the label rereleased their album in March 2007 to a wider audience. This is essentially when I found out about them and their great single “Time Is A Runaway”, which peaked at #19 on my chart that spring. It also got a bit of airplay, especially here in the Northeast. Followup single “Ordinary” would make it to #33 for two weeks in September. Two further singles, 2008’s “Aftermath” and “The Future’s Nothing New”, the latter leading off the 2009 album Sucker’s Dream, both missed my survey and that was the last I had heard about them until now. Well, the band is still together, albeit with a few membership changes, but still sounding as good as they did on their new song. Half of the profits from the digital sales of “More” (which you can download here) will benefit the Newtown Kindness organization, established by the father of one of the victims of the Sandy Hook tragedy last December. It’s a great cause and the band has some history on my chart, so I’ll be paying attention to this in the coming months.

Both bands have a lot of drive and some good tunes to boot. Are you a fan of either of these acts? Comment below and let me know what you think or find PGTC on social media by clicking the “Get Social!” tab.


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2 responses to “Routed In Radio: Chart Bound Acts From The Constitution State

  1. matt

    The Alternate Routes are such a great band all around, been listening to them since I heard “Ordinary” on WBOS in Boston back in ’06. Music is soulful with so much depth, Donnelly is crazy on the guitars, and Tim’s voice is something else entirely… they’re the biggest thing that hasn’t been found out yet.

  2. Amy Atwell

    I simple LOVE ‘Nothing More’ by The Alternate Route. Can’t get enough of it. Wish I could hear it on the radio in the Ann Arbor – Detroit area!

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