“Something” Is Better Than Nothing: Future Hits Gone Hazy

Sometimes, it’s okay to be less than specific. A little vague goes a long way. Who am I kidding? Give me “something”, anything! Well, here are two new singles by acts that are giving us a little insight into the drama that is not so detailed. Plus, they’re doing their best to spread their clarity to the musical masses. Let’s get digging:

"New" kids in town.

Oh “Say”, can’t you see?

A GREAT BIG WORLD – “Say Something”
Release Date: Fall 2013 (Hot AC radio)

Here’s an act I did a piece on about seven months ago, so let’s see where the duo of Ian Axel and Chad Vaccarino are now. Earlier this year, the band built up a small fan base thanks to the incorporation of “This Is The New Year” into an episode of Glee during the second half of its fourth season. It was performed by the New Directions group as a whole. It aired at the end of January and though the Glee version wasn’t the biggest selling song of the episode despite airing at the end of it, the commercial potential of the original version was properly spotted and it led the duo to sign a contract with Epic Records during the spring. With a bigger label behind them, “Year” accumulated some airplay on both the CHR and Hot AC formats and entered the top 50 on each list, though promotion of the single has ended at both. Now, the duo find themselves in a similar position with the use of this new song a few nights ago on another FOX show, So You Think You Can Dance. Used as the background accompaniment in a dance by finalists Amy and Robert, reaction after the performance came quickly and the song leaped into the top 100 on iTunes. It will be serviced by Epic to radio soon. Although much slower than their past single, the song is also very heartfelt, with a burst of strings and powerful vocals at the end and an emotional drive behind the narrator’s request to “say something, I’m giving up on you.” Let’s hope that radio doesn’t give up on this one as quickly.

They've lost that lovin' feeling (again.)

The “Need” to succeed.

ONEREPUBLIC – “Something I Need”
Release Date: out now (Australia), unknown (U.S.)

Hello again, you five friends from Colorado. Over the past few years, OneRepublic have made a name for themselves on the pop charts, and lead singer Ryan Tedder‘s list of clients in the production and writing department keeps on growing. He recently remixed “I Want Crazy” for Hunter Hayes, and now, his band are all over Australian radio with this song that appears to have exploded out of nowhere. At the moment, “Need” is only being fully promoted at radio and retail in Australia, where the song appears headed for a top 5 placing on the national ARIA charts there. (You’ll see on iTunes that it’s also placing in the lower rungs in other countries largely in Europe, but nothing worth pointing out.) With “Counting Stars” still building in the United States at radio and selling at a moderate pace, it will be some time before we know if “Need” will end up as a fourth single from Native here, largely due to the fact that all of their previous releases from this era have been mid-charters at best. Could this be a game changer given the initial positive signs from down under? Not so fast. “Need” is a solid pop/rock song, but it doesn’t sound like a hit, at least for the sake of the U.S. market. At least, I always thought of it as an album track. Plus, I don’t think you’ll exactly see Tedder crying into an empty piggy bank. The band is promising an entertaining video for the single, so maybe that can spike interest in an average song. That’s something it really needs.

Does “something” tickle your fancy from the two new singles listed above? Let me know! Comment below, follow the blog below or click the “Get Social!” page to find PGTC on social media.

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