TOP TEN: A Keane Sense Of Music

Rolling through the Strangeland of charts.

Rolling through the Strangeland of charts.

In a few months, we’ll be able to purchase a new greatest hits compilation from British rockers Keane. Titled The Best Of Keane, it arrives in the United Kingdom on November 11 and in the United States on the following day. It’s hard to believe that the band’s been recording together for over a decade, so I guess now would be a good time for them to put all their best singles and a few great album tracks all on one album. In honor of that, I’m celebrating with the top ten Keane releases to make my personal top 40 chart. In fact, 14 of their singles have made my list between 2004 and the beginning of this year, one of the top bands in terms of total number of charted entries. So, let’s go, shall we? Starting off, we have…

10. “THE NIGHT SKY” [non-album release]
#19 for 1 week / 9 weeks on / 2007

Released as a charity single for the U.K. group War Child, “Sky” quickly rose up the chart, only to crash downward. It was deemed ineligible to chart in the U.K. because of an added poster in the 7″ single sleeve.

09. “PERFECT SYMMETRY” [from Perfect Symmetry]
#18 for 3 weeks / 14 weeks on / 2009

The title track from their third album was the first to miss the top 75 in the U.K. and failed to go top 40 in any one country. It was perhaps due to a shift in sound for the band into a more 1980’s synth-pop realm.

08. “CRYSTAL BALL” [from Under The Iron Sea]
#17 for 2 weeks / 10 weeks on / 2006

The Fortune Teller was foreseeing cloudy skies with this release. Although it did moderately well in Europe and on my personal chart, it wasn’t exactly their biggest hit. Two non-top 20 singles followed this one.

07. “THE LOVERS ARE LOSING” [from Perfect Symmetry]
#17 for 2 weeks / 15 weeks on / 2008

This era was the only one for the band that didn’t feature a first single going top ten, though I do like the song quite a bit. It was also one of their last singles to receive a physical release in some European countries.

06. “DISCONNECTED” [from Strangeland]
#8 for 1 week / 20 weeks on / 2012

The third and final song to make my chart from the band’s latest album ended the era on a high note, reaching as high as #8 that fall. It managed minor peaks on the official surveys of Belgium and The Netherlands.

05. “SOMEWHERE ONLY WE KNOW” [from Hopes And Fears]
#7 for 2 weeks / 17 weeks on / 2004

Ah, yes, the debut single. Back in the fall of 2004, “Know” quickly hopped up to #7 before sliding down the chart before the year was over. Needless to say, this smash hit is most definitely their signature song.

04. “EVERYBODY’S CHANGING” [from Hopes And Fears]
#6 for 3 weeks / 24 weeks on / 2005

Though this second single from their first album peaked at #6, it spent 24 weeks in the top 40, the second longest run for any of their songs on my chart. A new radio mix of “Changing” accompanied its release.

03. “STOP FOR A MINUTE” (featuring K’naan) [from Night Train EP]
#4 for 1 week / 21 weeks on / 2010

“Minute” is their only collaboration thus far to make my top 40 and, so far, is rapper K’naan‘s only appearance to date. It was their first official single in four years to reach the top ten, peaking at #4 for a week.

02. “IS IT ANY WONDER?” [from Under The Iron Sea]
#2 for 2 weeks / 20 weeks on / 2006

At the time, this was the band’s biggest by far on my chart, spending two weeks at #2 behind Daniel Powter‘s “Bad Day”. It remains tied as their highest charted position in the U.K. with “Know”, peaking at #3.

01. “SILENCED BY THE NIGHT” [from Strangeland]
#1 for 4 weeks / 26 weeks on / 2012

If you follow my chart, there’s no surprise that this song ranks up here as my favorite. It was just last year that Keane scored their first #1 single on here, which also did well at AAA radio here in the States. The four-week reign stretched from mid-May to mid-June, and after spending half a year in my top 40, it ranked as my #12 song of last year. We’ll see if a new single from The Best Of Keane can top this very soon.

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3 responses to “TOP TEN: A Keane Sense Of Music

  1. Interesting choices – I have a hard time not including Bedshaped & Nothing in My Way. But I suppose too many great songs is a nice problem to have!

    • Thanks! Yeah, “Nothing In My Way” only made the 20’s on my chart, so it just missed the list, and “Bedshaped” didn’t chart because I wasn’t aware of it back in the day. Both are good though!

  2. I find the omission of “Your Love” is a shame. I am guessing Keane decided to overemphasize the first two albums. But the idea of two new Keane songs this year totally compensates for the omission.

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