SINGLE PREMIERE: John Mayer – “Paper Doll” (+ Lyrics)

Makin' "Paper".

He’ll be makin’ “Paper”.

35-year-old John Mayer has been through a lot in his over decade long career. His last era, Born And Raised, was meant to mark a grand return for Mayer and debuted at #1 after some delay, but it was ultimately marked by a cancelled tour due a throat issue and a lack of promotional appearances. “Shadow Days”, the lead single from the effort, ultimately disappointed on the national charts, while “Queen Of California” and “Something Like Olivia” did even worse. He hit the lowest of his lows, but in the last few months, he’s been able to perform live again. He’s also recorded a new album, which will be out later this year. The first single from it has been teased quite a bit on Twitter through Vine videos of the lyrics and is now finally hear in full: it’s called “Paper Doll”.

Mayer’s latest track is an understated but slow and soulful track that doesn’t have anything glitzy about it, unless we’re talking about the outfits on the dolls. They’re rocking some haut couture pieces. This piece of his new album is simply just pretty. It recalls early 90’s Bonnie Raitt for me; it could do something else for you. It’s not the most exciting release on the planet (it sort of just stays there in a comfortable little groove), but it’ll do well enough on radio because of the guy who is singing it. It’s the lyrics that primarily save it, at least in my opinion; it’s a simplistic set, but there are some standout lines. At least it’s not a bad record, though I’m hoping for some rockier numbers with a little more energy on his forthcoming album.

What do you think of “Paper Doll”? Is it worth framing on the wall or is it flimsy enough to throw out? Let me know! Comment below or find me on Twitter: @AdamFSoybel.

Watch the music video for “Paper Doll”. / Download “Paper Doll” on iTunes.


[Verse 1]
Paper doll, come try it on
Step out of that black chiffon
Here’s a dress of gold and blue
Sure was fun being good to you

[Verse 2]
This one we made just for Fall
And Winter runs a bit too small
This mint green is new for Spring
My love didn’t cost a thing

You’re like twenty-two girls in one
And none of them know what they’re runnin’ from
Was it just too far to fall?
For a little paper doll

[Verse 3]
Fold a scarf, Moroccan red
And tie your hair behind your head
Strap into some heels that hurt
You should’ve kept my undershirt

You’re like twenty-two girls in one
And none of them know what they’re runnin’ from
Was it just too far to fall?
For a little paper doll

[Verse 4]
Cut the cord and pull some strings
And make yourself some angel wings
And if those angel wings don’t fly
Someone’s gonna paint you another sky

[Chorus – variation]
‘Cause you’re like twenty-two girls in one
And none of them know what they’re runnin’ from
Was it just too far to fall? (x2)



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6 responses to “SINGLE PREMIERE: John Mayer – “Paper Doll” (+ Lyrics)

  1. Awesome song, i love it. Thanks for the lyrics.

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  3. Ryan

    I think you have to really know music to appreciate the harmonies and musicality that most people sadly, but most likely, won’t notice. The lyrics are freaking awesome and I love John. The song is one that you can sit and relax listening to. It’s a beautiful song if you just want to sit down and forget the rest of the world.

  4. Selena

    This is definitely for Taylor. I mean come on just look at the details!

    22 girls in one? Taylor’s 22.
    ‘None of them know what they’re running from’– Tay’s Dear John says
    ‘i’ll look back in regret how I ignored when they said run as fast as you can’
    ‘Someone’s gonna paint you another sky’– again from Dear John, ‘you paint me a blue sky, then go back and turn it to rain’

  5. Unknown

    It’s Definitely For Taylor.

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