Start Spreading The News: Grouplove Have A “Ways To Go” With Second LP

Their name's on the tip of my "Tongue".

At least their fans will be Happy.

They were one of my top discoveries last year with their biggest U.S. single to date and now, they’ve returned with a potentially new sound. That would be Grouplove, the rock band out of Los Angeles. The beginning of their second era is dawning on us and expectations are high for the band to deliver another solid record. Well, at least my expectations are. Before their new stuff makes its way onto the ‘net, I’ll be providing you with some dates and a little information on some things to come. First, a little bit of history.

The group formed back in 2009, putting out a self-titled six song EP in the summer of 2010 and opening for several big acts before gaining the attention of Atlantic Records and the sub-label Canvasback, most notable for a few other indie acts. After signing with them later that year, their EP was re-released and a single from it, “Colours”, gained some minor attention on Alternative radio, peaking at #25 in the fall of 2011. That could’ve been it for them. However, their big break came last summer when the group’s “Tongue Tied” was featured on an episode of the television show Glee at the same time that it was climbing in airplay. That resulted in a #1 on the Alternative chart in June. It also achieved a top ten peak at AAA radio (#6), while become a moderate crossover on both the Hot AC (#18) and CHR (#20) radio surveys. Followup single “Itchin’ On A Photograph” moseyed its way to #10 by November at Alternative, but didn’t seem to catch on anywhere else, and that was the end of the era. Luckily, the group’s been on tour since then, and they have a few dates planned at festivals and other events through the month of June. Next month is when we’ll also be having our first taste of some new music from the quintet.

This first popped up under the radar about two weeks ago, so it came as a surprise to me when I heard about it. In another two weeks, we’ll be able to hear Grouplove‘s leadoff single from their forthcoming effort, titled “Ways To Go”. It’ll be on iTunes on June 11 and goes for adds at Adult Alternative and Alternative radio two weeks after that (though it’ll likely pick up a lot of action pre-adds date.) There are a few videos of the songs on YouTube from their concerts this past spring, with this one being a more recent clip of the full song. On first listen, the song seems to be a little more electro than some of their prior stuff, which was more straight-forward rock. I don’t think we really need another MGMT or Passion Pit at the moment, but let’s face it, every band is having their 80’s synthfest phase: Fitz & The Tantrums, Neon Trees, Phoenix, etc. There’s nothing wrong with it, but that being said, I wasn’t expecting it from Grouplove. I guess we’ll see if anything changes when the studio version comes out. It does seem like it could be a catchy song. I’m putting it in my “OK” category for now just because of the overall sound and the repetitiveness of it. (If you don’t know your name by now, you will never never never know it. Woo-ooh-ooh.)

The band’s second full-length album, Spreading Rumors, will be in stores on September 17 on Canvasback/Atlantic. This comes nearly two years to date from the release of their first album, Never Trust A Happy Song, released on September 13, 2011. Coincidence? Perhaps. I haven’t really seen any news on the direction of the album, tracklisting, and other general information, but a date is good enough for now. A pre-order for the album should hopefully be available soon. Sounds like the label is invested in it if there’s a three-month window from the single premiere to the album release. Let’s hope for the best.

Start marking your calendars up because time will fly and pretty soon, “Ways To Go” and Spreading Rumors may just be flying up the charts.

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