ADAM’S TOP 100 OF 2012 – #30 to #21 (Post 6 of 11)

What becomes of the "brokenhearted".

What becomes of the “brokenhearted”.

From now until New Year’s Eve, I’ll be counting down my top 100 songs of the year. Every week, I make a top 40 list, and each position gets a certain amount of points, plus, I add in some extra points for weeks at #1, which goes towards their yearly total. The survey period is from December 4, 2011 to November 25, 2012. Ties are broken by (1) peak position, then (2) weeks at peak position, and then (3) number of weeks on chart should it go that far. Back to the hits, starting off at #30…

030. Katy Perry – Part Of Me (547 points) (PEAK: #5)
Kety Perr might not have much luck on The Nekci Menij Show, but the real Perry has a whole lot of it, placing three songs in my top 40 for the year. Featured on deluxe rerelease of Teenage Dream, it was also the inspiration for the title of her 3D movie that was released last summer. It ended up peaking at #5 and stayed on the charts for 20 weeks. The song was initially recorded in 2010 and a demo leaked on the internet before this finalized version came out two years later with some minor lyric changes.

029. Coldplay – Paradise (555 points) (PEAK: #1 for four weeks)
This former number-one single was my #58 song of 2011, spending the entire month of November that year in the top spot. Well, it cuts that year-end position in half for this year’s chart, ending up at #29. It stayed on the chart until early April during an impressive 29-week run, 18 of which counted for the data compiled for the year-end chart. The band is already working on their followup to Mylo Xyloto, which could be released next year.

028. Karmin – Brokenhearted (558 points) (PEAK: #7)
26-year-olds Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan took the internet by storm last year with their covers of songs like “Look At Me Now” and “Super Bass”, and in 2012, their original music was taking my chart by storm. All three of their radio singles made my chart, this one being the highest, which hit #7 for three weeks starting in late May. They may as well be the modern-day version of the Captain and Tennille, though I’m guessing they won’t be singing about muskrats anytime soon.

027. Olly Murs – Dance With Me Tonight (563 points) (PEAK: #3)
Hey, Olly! Dion called. He wants his song back. An early 60’s swing throwback reminiscent of songs like “Runaround Sue”, this has been Murs’s biggest hit to date on my chart, peaking at #3 for three weeks in January. However, that title is being threatened by his most recent single, “Troublemaker”, which has now been at #3 on my chart for two weeks. We’ll see how that ends up in the next few weeks. “Dance” is one of four singles by Murs to go to #1 on the Singles Chart in the United Kingdom.

026. Chris Wallace – Remember When (Push Rewind) (573 points) (PEAK: #4)
The first top-40 hit on the chart for the former lead singer of The White Tie Affair was a big one, peaking at #4 for three weeks in August and September before completing a twenty-two week run. He’s the first artist signed to ThinkSay Records, which formally went public in the summer with Ben Singer and Brad Davidson at the helm. Look for the label to expand in the new year as Wallace’s single gets a major push at radio. (Here’s a post I wrote on Wallace several weeks ago.)

025. Andy Grammer – Miss Me (594 points) (PEAK: #1 for two weeks)
You can’t make this one up. The two men who signed Chris Wallace are Grammer’s manager (Singer) and promotion handler (Davidson), and they’re back-to-back on the year-end chart. Third time was the charm for Grammer as this third single was his very first #1 on my chart, spending two weeks there in late October and early November. It’s currently in the top 15 and will most definitely be in next year’s top 100 chart. Here’s hoping for a new album in 2013 as well.

024. Katy Perry – Wide Awake (597 points) (PEAK: #4)
Here’s the highest of Perry’s three songs on the countdown. It has the distinction of being in the top ten for two weeks with Gotye‘s “Eyes Wide Open”, which meant the top-tier of the chart was stretched pretty far around that time. Two other “wide” titles have made my chart in the past: 2000’s “With Arms Wide Open” by Creed and 2006’s “World Wide Suicide” by Pearl Jam. “Awake” spent three weeks at #4 during a 22-week chart run.

023. Matchbox Twenty – She’s So Mean (600 points) (PEAK: #5)
Rob Thomas charted with three solo singles between 2009 and 2010, which all climbed into the top 3, but it’s been four years since the band charted last as a whole (2008’s “These Hard Times”, which peaked at #2) and ten years since they put out a full-length studio release. The first single from North was a quick riser, but brick-walled at the #5 position for five consecutive weeks. Followup single “Overjoyed” is taking a slower rise, but may end up around the same peak as “Mean” or slightly lower. The band’s had two number-one singles on my chart, “Bent” in 2000 and “How Far We’ve Come” in 2007.

022. Andy Grammer – Fine By Me (602 points) (PEAK: #4)
Grammer had the misfortune of sticking it out for eight weeks at #2 with his debut single, “Keep Your Head Up”, which also ended up in the #2 spot on last year’s top 100 behind Adele‘s “Rolling In The Deep”. This second single spent two weeks at #4, one of which was while Adele sat at the top with “Set Fire To The Rain”. Still, it managed a 25-week run in the top 40, pretty great for a song that didn’t hit the top. Perhaps someday he’ll join singers like Andy Gibb, Andy Kim and Andy Williams at the top of the national charts.

021. The Script featuring – Hall Of Fame (611 points) (PEAK: #1 for four weeks)
This Irish trio came so close to capturing my #1 song of 2009 with “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved”, which hit the top spot for eight weeks, but it ended up at #3 for the year. This ties for their second-longest running #1 on my chart at four weeks, the same length of time “Nothing” remained there last year. The followup single, “Six Degrees Of Separation”, recently made my weekly top ten.

The top 20 is on the horizon with some familiar faces from some familiar places: Canada, England, Ireland and, of course, the United States. That’s all coming up tomorrow on the blog.

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